God's Own Junkyard || Walthamstow

God's Own Junkyard

What does one do on a dark and rainy Saturday afternoon in London, when all manner of television has been watched and you've tired of the endless brunching that has overtaken the city? Head to neon lights city baby, that's what! I ventured East last Saturday, along with my friend Ella, to seek out some flashing lights fun in order to liven up the rather gloomy day we were having. And wow, did it brighten things up! These pictures do not do it justice, my friends! 

God's Own Junkyard, set in East London, is a vintage lovers paradise and a hoarder's nightmare. Stocking the world's largest collection of neon lights, the warehouse showcases the late artist's, Chris Bracey, work and stocks rows upon rows of eye-catching collectibles, from his 60s sex shop signs to movie industry pieces. Pretty cool right? Walking around I couldn't help but feel like I was lost in a Baz Luhrmahn film and could have sworn that some of the pieces were from his 'Romeo and Juliet' film, though extensive Google searching does not currently support my theory.  

There is an abundance to look at, where you need to walk around the venue twice or even three times, noticing more and more tidbits that you hadn't seen the first time round. Ella and I were constantly ouing and ahhing at all the new finds we came across that we'd missed on entrance. We lost track of time spanning the ceiling, the floors, the walls, the outside, the upstairs, every nook and cranny for further interesting pieces. I'm sure I could go tomorrow and there'd be a million more things I'd have never seen. But in amongst all the gazing and photo taking, we managed to sit, chill and chat with tea and the largest slices of cake we'd ever been served. Poor Ella couldn't finish hers, while I, like a true foodie pro, polished mine off so cleanly you'd have thought the plate was fresh out the dishwasher. Delicious! 

One of the topics of our conversation, in between mouthfuls of cake, was how cool it would be to have one of these pieces in your home? I decided that perhaps not in my current flat but if I was a Kardashian, I'd definitely have one in my in-house bar or home movie theatre! Ha! In the meantime, God's Own Junkyard is well worth a visit. A wonderfully creative hub and a beautiful ode to its original owner. 

Find it here: Unit 12 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, E17 9HQ