The Art of Letting Go

Mom Jeans

Summer to Autumn Transitions 


If I haven't said it before (and I've definitely said it 100 times in the past), autumn is my favourite season for more reasons than I have time to list in this quick post. But I shall go into two of them briefly today.

The changing season is a chance to learn a very valuable lesson on letting go. The air turns colder, the days grow shorter, the leaves turn golden, all signs that summer has departed. But what autumn reminds us is that for new things to come, old things must pass. My mother's voice is literally in my head as I write that because I don't know how many times she has said those exact words to me in my lifetime and it's only really hitting home now! But as usual, she's always right.

It's human nature to find letting go a difficult task, especially when linked to emotions. Whenever things don't go my way, I find it hard to accept and struggle with negative thoughts and feelings when confronted with that reality. This week has been one of those times where I've been trying to let go of anxious emotions from uncomfortable past experiences. It's a work in progress and everyday feels like yet another internal battle to fight but I have to remind myself of two things:

  1. Life isn't fair but that's part of the journey we are all on. 

  2. To let go creates a space for new opportunities to come into your life and all experiences can be learned from.


On a lighter note, I must admit I'm also struggling to let go of wearing my mom jeans. I'm not quite ready to depart with them yet. I pretty much lived out of them over summer and it seems unfair to dispel them at the slightest sign of a cold autumn's breeze. Particularly when you find a pair that are as comfortable and "food-baby" accommodating as these!

When fully in winter, I tend to live out of black skinny jeans so for the moment, I plan to enjoy wearing a lighter colour and looser fit for as long as I can. And who knows, maybe I can even get away with wearing tights under them and boots. No one would be the wiser ha!

So amongst many many other reasons, fall is a wonderful time of year for fashion because you can just about get away with wearing your summer attire with a few added bits for extra warmth. The styling opportunities are endless! Cosy sweaters on top of floral dresses, bralets and camis over shirts and culottes with boots. Easy! So for today's post, I've paired my favourite jeans with one of the warmest jackets I own (worth ever penny!), meaning that I can still throw on a simple t-shirt and go, without freezing to death.

To sum up, take advantage of this changing season, remembering to let go and create the space for new things to come into your life (well, apart for my mom jeans haha)! xo



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