Blue As Can Be

Dorothy Perkins Denim

Black skinny jeans have always been the foundation of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. Even now, I think I have about 5 pairs sitting in my cupboard but sadly, they haven't been worn in a while and are feeling a tad neglected. Wanna know why? There's a new jean in town and it's stealing all of my attention right now. 

I've struggled with a love-hate relationship over blue jeans in the past. I've admired them on other girls but didn't particularly like them on myself. Spending years trying on blue jean after blue jean, I found that as a curvy girl, they didn't compliment my shape very well. I always felt self-consicous of my thighs growing up and found that any blue jeans I came across accentuated the bits I didn't want accentuated.!

So by the age of around 20, I put an end to my blue jeans search and firmly devoted myself to black jeans. But now, Dorothy Perkins have finally made all my blue denim dreams come true. No joke, I've worn them everyday since I got them. EVERY DAMN DAY! That's four days straight!! It's simply because they fit my personal styling brief so well. They are comfortable, I feel good in them, they look cool and are super easy to style. I literally can throw them on with just about anything in the morning and go go go! I hate spending ages trying to put an outfit together and with these babies I don't have to. 

Now the coat. It's basically a chic dressing gown that's deemed acceptable to wear outside ha! I've never received so many compliments from one outfit piece before in such a short time frame. People genuinely stop me in the street to ask where it's from. A middle-aged man felt the need to tell me how much he liked it while at the supermarket lol! I've clearly picked a winner here and it's fast becoming one of my staples for my winter fashion

So with my new blue jeans, dressing gown coat and velvet boots, Dorothy Perkins have pretty much got me sorted for winter styling. I'm just about ready for whatever the changing season has to throw at me so bring it on A/W16! xo



Dorothy Perkins Jeans

H&M Shirt Jumper

Dorothy Perkins Boots

Dorothy Perkins Coat

Chanel Bag


*Title from 'Dream a Little Dream of Me' by Ella Fitzgerald