The Bad Blogger: My Go To Poses

How To Pose



Following nicely from my last post, let's talk about signature posing today! So now you've figured out your signature style, you've planned your outfit, you've picked the location, you've coerced someone to take your photos, the day comes, you're outside and in front of a lens .... what do you do?

When I first started taking outfit photos for my blog, I used to get so nervous and embarrassed posing infront of the camera because I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing. To be honest, I'm  still not hundred percent sure on my posing skills and regularly get butterflies the night before a shoot. But I've accumulated a few "go-to poses" that I know always work for me.

I would like to be more creative in the future but if I'm ever feeling unsure of myself, I have these six poses as my backups. I think it's a good idea to have a few of them to help feel a bit more comfortable while shooting. If you're ever stuck, try one of these. 



The easiest of poses because I don't have to move. I just sit there and let the photographer get creative with his/her angles. Probably my favourite pose for predominantly lazy reasons



OK, so I've actually gotta move with this pose. Sigh! It can take a few tries to get it right because both you and the photographer have to work in sync to get the perfect stride shot (think leg and eye placement and coordination - harder than it seems). It comes down to getting the speed of the walk right. Too quick and it's hard for the photographer to catch it, too slow and you look unnatural in the photos. You'll probably be marching up and down for a bit and be victim to odd looks from passers by. I always am. 



My least favourite pose, by far. So you're telling me I'm just supposed to just stand here and be fierce? Cos I'm Tyra Banks right?! I can get very awkward in this pose but one thing I always do is try to have one foot in front of the other to elongate my legs or cross them for a "I'm-so-casual" stance. A work in progress lol! 



If I can get my face working for me, then I love this pose. I try to make it look like you've just caught me off guard, especially when walking. A word of warning, make sure there's nothing in front of you that you could trip over or bump into when doing this pose. Trying to look fly and then bumping into a post is not the one haha. 



If really in doubt, I touch something. I took an acting lesson once and the teacher encouraged me to touch mu surroundings as I moved around a room because apparently it's looks more natural. I think the same applies to posing. 



This pose is the last in my tricks. When I'm feeling my most unsure and uncomfortable, I'll start playing with my hair, busying myself with anything else but looking at the camera. Sometimes it works, sometimes it looks like I'm attending to an itch ha. 


What are some of your "go-to-poses"? xo


P.S. This is final Bad Blogger post from this October segment. If you've been following along for the month, I hope you found some of it helpful and I've managed to save any unsure bloggers even the teeniest time and/or stress. If there is any other tips or pointers you'd  like to know more of, comment below and I'll try and put another bunch of posts together for the future.