Maintaining Healthy Skin in Autumn

Autumn Skincare Routine

Help! I'm breaking out again!


Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly battling acne, something I thought would disappear once I was fully clear of the terrible teen years! But even in my mid-20s, I'm still working on getting a clearer visage, as well as now having to start thinking about measures for anti-aging. Can someone just give me a break already!?

Then over summer, I got to a good place with my skincare routine and it felt like my face and I had finally come to a bit of understanding. I was all feeling myself then BAM, autumn hit and my skin was like mayday, breaking out all over the place. Sigh!

Now there could be a number of contributing factors. One, it's colder so I'm staying in more and eating carbier foods, you know to prep for winter ;). The saying you are what you eat comes to mind here e.g. pizza face. Two, I've noticed I'm drinking less water probably because it's not as hot so I'm not feeling quite as "thirsty" and three, I'm stressed as hell! 

But more than that, I've found that my skin is drrrryyy! I have combination skin but areas such as my chin and cheeks were crying out for some much needed moisture. That's when I decided to re-evaluate my skincare routine and amend certain steps for the colder months. Here's what I did. 

I normally use a cleanser with sacyclic acid twice a day but as that's rather drying, I've reduced it down to every other day, in order to still target stubborn spots but be gentler on my skin. I now use the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser instead, which seems to have had a more positive effect on my face. Enriched with cocoa butter, it cleanses the skin while also softening and moisturising it. And for £14 a pop, it's one of my best beauty buys this season!

Next, I've upped the oils I'm using on my face so instead of using the Elemis Even Tone Serum under my moisturiser, twice a day, I use it only in the morning and lather my face in the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil before bed, after cleansing. My skin's not looking so dry so how do you like me now colder air ha!

Finally, I'm still making sure to remove my makeup with an oil based cleanser and have started using the Eve Lom Balm Cleanser, which although pricier than my usual Malin+ Goetz one, is thicker so again seems to be hydrating my skin better. Plus, it's been voted as "probably the best cleanser in the world" by Vogue because of its ability to deep cleanse without drying or stripping the skin. Sounds like it could be worth the investment then. 

And that's it! 

Why I never thought to change my routine sooner, I don't know. It makes so much sense now and I might have saved myself a lot of grief but at least the changes I made seem to be doing some good and my skin is slowly starting to calm down now.

Thanks for playing ball face. We gotta keep that melanin looking fresh ;). Oh and talking of melanin (see what I did there), check out NGBL's new t-shirt collection, one of which I'm wearing in this precise post, would you believe it!! xo