I See Through You

Wide Leg Trousers

Are we all just copying one another?


More and more, I notice the same photos crop up all over social media. Street style shots in front of white walls, brunch photos, coffee cups and inspirational quotes. I'm a bit over it right now! And because of that I've been posting less across a lot of my platforms as I've found myself playing into that game too. I think to myself, why do my readers need to see yet another photo of avocado on toast? They've seen it so many times before so what am I trying to convey to them with this overused image? What's the point of doing the same thing as everyone else?

In a way, my frustration is good because it's pushing me to rethink my content. It's forcing me to seek out fresh ideas and new levels of creativity, something I'm really enjoying at the moment. I'm loving looking for content that stops me in my tracks, that impacts me in some way, even if it's as simple as thinking "that image is dope", just like the image I've included below. It's so powerful and you remember an image like that, don't you?

I wanna raise the bar with my own content and I've found that Tumblr is a great source of inspiration for me at the moment. There is so much creative content on there and by trying to create a moodboard with my own Tumblr page, I'm hoping to source inspiration in order to create something different for my blog and social media. It's important to continuously push ourselves and strive to grow. I don't want to be like everyone else and neither should you. Individuality is so much more interesting, don't you think?! xo

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*Title from 'See Thru' by Culture Club