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Do you ever wonder about signature styling?


With the rise of our social media obsession, the current fashion climate seems to be fixated on trends and mass consumption more than ever. Perhaps I'm becoming a bit of a broken record but the problem with buying into trends is that everyone ends up looking the same! That is one of the many reasons I try not to follow them. Yes, I wear high-street fashion but I choose to in a way that reflects my personal style rather than what the industry dictates is in right now. 

Cultivating my signature style is something I've started thinking about more and more. It's always seemed such an elusive creature, leaving me tongued-tied when describing my own style as I found it's ever evolving. In my first 'About Me' section on this blog, I explained my love of playing with fashion, whereby I decided to dress up based on whatever mood I felt that day. If I was feeling girly, I'd be a princess or if I felt Western, on goes my fedora hat and cowboy boots. And yeah it was fun but ultimately I wasted a lot of time and money messing around with my clothes, which no doubt ended up untouched at the back of my wardrobe because I didn't feel 100% comfortable in a pink tulle skirt. 


So, what even is a signature style?


I'd say it's the core elements of someone's fashion choices that transcends across all their outfits. Maybe it's the look your friends always imagine you in (have you ever asked them, I bet you'd be surprised what they come up with). I've always said that when trying to pick an outfit, the first one you put together, even if in your mind, is normally the right one. If it takes me longer than 10 minutes to get changed, I know I've gone wrong. The countless hours spent trying on clothes, making me late for appointments, when I just ended up wearing the first thing I picked out my wardrobe anyway. That first outfit is basically the characteristics of my signature style. 


Why is it important to create one?


Look, you can dress however you like but I've personally found that while chasing trends as a teenager, I ended up with a mountain of untouched clothes in my wardrobe, less money in my bank and still felt like I had nothing to wear on a daily basis. Even if I did wear some of the clothes, I never felt truly comfortable and so sooner or later they'd all end up back in the wardrobe, completely forgotten until my next clear out. 

Now that I'm trying to define my signature style better, I've found dressing to be more efficient and budget-friendly. Have you ever heard of the 80/20 Principle? It suggests that people only tend to wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. But by working on my signature style, I've been able to create a more functional wardrobe with items that I can mix and match endlessly. Great for the mornings I need to be ready in under 15 mins! Not only that, but by figuring out what looks good on me, rather than focusing on what's trendy, I've been able to dress in a way that compliments my body type, plays to my strengths and highlights my best features. Ultimately, that's left me feeling more confident in my clothes.


But how?


Don't be fooled into thinking that creating a signature style means you'll be stuck wearing one look forever. You can simply focus on a key number of set items to create the foundations of your wardrobe or come up with a loose formula for the overall style you want to achieve. Your signature look could even be about the makeup you wear, the way you do your hair or the accessories you pair with an outfit. The most important thing is to dress in a way and leaves you feeling comfortable and confident and then you can wear just about anything.

So, ask yourself what items you enjoy wearing? What 3 words do you believe or want to believe best reflect your style personality? For me, I aspire to be effortless (a better word for lazy ha!), cool and timeless! Which influencers or celebrities fashion do you admire? What was the last outfit you wore that you felt really good in? Hopefully you'll start to see a bit of a pattern develop and that right there is the basics of your signature style. Then you can finally be rid of those items in your wardrobe that don't fit your category, freeing up some space and reducing morning panics over what to wear. 

The best thing about it all: Everyone's individuality is celebrated and we end up looking not only different from one another, but like the best versions of ourselves :) xo



Zara Jacket

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*Title from "Let it Go" by James Bay