Shopping Haul: Autumn 2016




Hey guys, as promised on Instastories, here are the links to some of the bits I've bought for the new season. Autumn is my favourite fashion season so I probably spend my most during this time eek :/ ... but all are great pieces that I'll make so much use of for a while. I'm constantly chasing that timeless style

Some of the pieces aren't the exact things I've bought as they might have sold out online but I've tried my best to find appropriate replacements. H&M's collection is bomb! Every time I go in, I find more and more stuff I love! So if you can't find what you're looking for online, I'd definitely recommend popping into a few H&M stores and you might get lucky or find other bits that you prefer. 

Have a great weekend kids and don't forget to check back later for another edition of the Bad Blogger tips. Will be focusing on the apps I use for Instagram so hopefully will be a useful one.

Ciao for now xo