The Bad Blogger: Instagram Apps

Best Instagram Apps

It's kinda crazy but Instagram is becoming more and more important right now and while I used to scoff at people who took their feeds too seriously, I've come to realise that it's actually a viable way to make money today!

I've always been a bit lazy when it comes to the hundreds of different applications available to edit, prep, plan and filter your pictures for Instagram but I have my three failsafe, free apps that work well for me. 

People ask me about the quality of my photos, what camera I use or how I edit my photos and the following is how I manage the pictures I take on my phone. I hope this helps :) xo



I flit between just editing my photos' lighting and colour on the Instagram app itself and using VSCO to filter my pictures. VSCO, short for Visual Supply Company, is a photography app that allows users to shoot and edit pictures and classes itself as being a tool for creatives. You can publish your photography unto personal profiles, as well as follow others who inspire you but I mostly just use it for the fantastic filters they have available. Definitely a bit more of an old school, retro feel to some of them so perfect for creating a professional and interesting looking photo. 


Perfect 365

Famous for being the app that the Kardashians swear by, Perfect 365 is ideal for any selfie taker. I hate taking selfies but with the editing capabilities on here, including the addition of makeup and altering of facial features, I can feel more confident sharing close up shots. If I'm honest, I don't use 90 percent of what's available on the app, as I'm not too keen on making myself look like a different person all together. I mostly use this app to soften my skin a touch, blurring out deep wrinkles (the bags under my eyes get worse by the day) or the odd annoying blemish. See below for an example. 

Warning: Don't be tempted to soften the skin 100% or you won't look like a real person anymore lol. Some facial lines are needed to prove you are human ;).


Saving the best till last, the UNUM app is the Robin to my Batman. I'm sure you've probably heard it a million times already but it's suggested that any good Instagram account has a clear theme running through it. Well this app is great for helping you plan the layout of your Instagram page before you post, making sure your planned photos flow in an aesthetically pleasing form rather than clashing against one another. Since I've started thinking about my Instagram theme more and using UNUM on a near enough daily basis, I've found my following is starting to increase. Bonus point, you can even edit and schedule your next posts through the app.