Throwback: Kimspiration


It's incredibly sad what happened to Kim Kardashian this week in Paris. I've thought about it a lot and it makes me shiver to my bones just imagining being her shoes. I feel so bad for her, it's genuinely such a terrifying experience that you wouldn't wish on anyone.

Worse still are the horrendous comments some people have been posting about her. I read one the other day calling her trash and another saying that they should have raped her and the intruders should have "finished off the job. Hold up, what?! It's astounding that apparently to some, there are people who deserve to be or behaviours that warrant being raped and killed. Just how?

Interestingly enough both those comments I saw were written by men and the feminist in me cringed a thousand times. It's weird that I even have to say this but there is NO behaviour that warrants abuse. And to those trolls, try to keep quiet if you don't have anything positive to put into the universe. We don't need no more hateration in this world, pur-lease! 

Anyway, to spread some good vibes out there, I just wanted to say that I loved most of Kim's looks during Paris Fashion Week. One or two outfits were probably a little more risqué than I would wear myself but on the whole she most certainly slaaaaayed! So much so that I felt inspired to try and recreate my favourite look of hers from the City of Lights, mostly because it is an easy one to replicate. Lacy body/lingerie, check ... tracksuit bottoms, check ... choker, check ... heels, check. Presto, chic outfit created and you still get to be comfy in tracksuit bottoms; my heaven!

Do you have a favourite Kim outfit from Paris Fashion Week? xo



H&M Body (similar)

H&M Joggers (similar)

Zara Heels

River Island Choker