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Styling 70s Fashion: The Easy and Comfy Way 


I have always been a 90s girls in all manner of ways. My music playlist still consists of mostly 90s Rnb and I get nostalgic when watching movies from that decade. Although I'd like to think I've have gotten more contemporary and classic as I've aged, my fashion taste is stuck at my teen years, probably in a measly attempt to hold on to my youth lol. The fact that the 90s have come back in fashion is a happy coincidence, keeping me trendy when really I'm just a kid masquerading as an adult.

But I've recently found a new era to incorporate into my style and boy oh boy have I fallen hard. It's all about The Seventies for me right. While I've always been a fan of the turtleneck (the easiest way to look stylish whilst keeping toasty), I've only recently accepted flares into my life. I've admired them on other people but convinced myself that they don't suit my body shape. I'm a slim girl but I definitely got my hips and thighs from my Nigerian roots. I love my body (most days ha) but dressing for your form is my mantra. So, I near enough run in the opposite direction of any flared jeans at the risk of accentuating my thighs even further.

However I have found the solution to my problem in the form of wide leg trousers. They don't hug my body but rather flow around my shape, allowing me to hide what I need to and show off what I want to. Did I mention they are sooooo comfortable too? I can have the pizza I want for lunch with a side of fries and no one needs to know any different. Winning! 

I've paired my trousers with clear glasses for the ultimate retro feel but contrasted it with Adidas originals for a contemporary touch. Perfect for a sunny autumn's day outfit (though you might need a cardie too with the rate the temperature is dropping at right now). And presto, a look that is stylish but leaves you feeling at ease and can be put together hassle-free. That's the kind of seventies fashion I can get along with.

P.S. How good is Solange's new album? It's definitely adding to my retro vibes right now :) Are you feeling it too? xo



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*Title from "Cranes in the Sky" by Solange