Best Matcha Lattes in London

Matcha Latte London

Matcha, have you tried the new green tea cult yet?


My first experience with a matcha latte wasn't a good one, I won't lie. With the craze spilling over into the UK from the US, I was intrigued to try this new "health" obsession and felt confident that this would be the hot drink for me as I'm a green tea fanatic. Searching for cafes that served this phenomenon proved tricky earlier in the year and the options available were kinda slim picking. Still determined, I managed to find a spot in Soho that served matcha drinks and dragged Remi along with me to taste test. One sip and we both nearly spat it out. It was bitter and yuck and did I mention bitter?!

Never a quitter, I gave it one more try at Dickie Fitz (after seeing images plastered across Instagram) and loved it! I soon learned that different places serve matcha drinks in different manners. Some serve it bitter, which is apparently how it should be, regardless of the fact that it tastes like drinking grass. Others serve it sweeter, which I promise is an absolute delight. 

I've now scoured London (OK maybe just 7 cafes) and have found my favourite 3 spots for serving yummy and sweet matcha lattes. I even converted Akua from Kuiya's Kloset to the matcha ways, after she too had a disastrous experience with it and so here are my final picks:


Dominique Ansel Bakery 

Carelle - Dominque Ansel Bakery

The sweetest matcha latte I've ever tried. So creamy and frothy and tasty, it was the perfect antidote for a dreary and grey winter's day in London. And the cronuts here are a MUST! Heaven on a plate. BUT proceed with caution when having the two together; sugar overload! 


Le Pain Quotidien

Carelle - Le Pain Quotidien

Before last week, this was my favourite spot for matcha lattes. Not too sweet, not too bitter. This one is just right! However, I've only ever tried the South Kensington branch so unsure what the matcha lattes in the rest of the chain taste like. Let me know if you've tried anywhere else. 


Dickie Fitz

Carelle - Dickie Fitz

Not sure if they still serve matcha lattes at the moment but back in July, this is the matcha latte that converted me. Sweet and comforting. Try it with their Aussie breakfasts. Best weekend brunch situation!

I have to also shout out to Farm Girl and Detox Kitchen for their matcha lattes. A little less sweet than the 3 above but still does just the trick without being painfully bitter. Sorry guys, you only just missed the cut ;)