Fuck The Boys Club

Fuck the Boys Club

Would Hillary Clinton have won the presidency if she was a man?


In the famous words of James Brown "this is a man's world" and I've never believed it more than seeing Hillary Clinton's struggle during this year's US presidential election.  I watched Question Time the night after and an interesting theory was posed to the panel: would Hillary have won if she was a man? 

I'm no politician so I'm unsure what the answer to that question is but what I did see was Hillary subjected to a lot more speculation and criticism about her fashion, her hairstyle, her lifestyle, her health and her ambition. An experienced candidate facing a complete rookie, a woman facing a man, which holds more weight and which is more offensive?

I understand that Trump was a voice for the common American who might have felt unheard in the past but the fact that he was allowed to say all the lewd and offensive things he said while running and still win proves that white, male privilege is still very much alive and kicking.

This week I've unconsciously observed the behaviours of both the men and women in my life, including my own, and I've witnessed subtle sexist mannerism throughout. It's easy to see why less than 10% of executive producers in the UK are women, when just basic everyday attitudes towards females are archaic.

That's why I love attending events, such as Future Girl Corp, that support women in business achieving success. It's annoying to constantly have men in power making the decisions that impact women when they don't necessary understand them *cough Trump*. Like, isn't it a bit odd that an adult man would run a company and make decisions on a teenage girl's clothing range when they have no idea what it feels like to be a teenage girl ha?! 

I wanna see more women become real Girl Bosses, not just the saying but actually willing to graft and get to the top. Because honey believe me you're gonna have to graft! With issues such as maternity support slowing us down, it's not an easy road to become a female ceo but with an army of Girl Bosses already achieving success and paving the road ahead for us, the dream of having more women in the boardroom becomes a closer reality everyday. The perfect fuck you to the boys club ;) xo

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