With Dreams So Far-Fetched

Farfetch Valentino Bag

If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Aren't Big Enough


Do your dreams, hopes and wishes frighten you? Mine do. Every single day I get anxious about the thought of chasing all my desires in life. Why? Because the journey is hard and long. Because I'm scared of failing. Because I'm worried of what other people will think or how I'll be judged

But do you know what's scarier than that? Never having tried; living my life pining for something that I never even attempted. Living in regret. I don't want to look back and think "if only I gave it a go". I'd rather that even if I failed, I can think "at least I tried and I can be proud of my efforts and all that I learned".

We let our lives be governed by fear when we should see the beauty and potential in all experiences. It's a shame because from such a young age, we are encouraged to follow our heart, be imaginative, express ourselves and then once we become adults, we become governed by societal rules and expectations.

Well as scary as it is, I wanna break the trend! You only live once right, Drake had it so right #YOLO! And I truly believe with lots of HARD work and determination, near enough anything is possible. Even here on my blog, I can see the effort I put in paying off where bigger and more well-known brands, such as Farfetch, are happy to collaborate with me. It's definitely a dream come through for a smaller blogger as myself to be recognised enough that I can showcase a bag from their site, especially one as special as this Valentino!

So a big thank you to the Farfetch team for working with me and helping me take another step towards my dreams. Remember guys, don't be afraid of failing, be afraid of never having tried! xo



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*Title from "For This" by G-Eazy