Postcards From | A Weekend In York

Weekend in York

Like Winterfell but with more bunting


When your boyfriend invites you on a romantic weekend trip away together, what cities spring into your imagination? Paris? Venice? Lisbon? ...York? That last one didn't really cross your mind, did it? Same here. But before I even knew what was happening, early Saturday morning, I found myself on a Grand Central train headed north-east towards the historic city of York, while others on social media seemed to be holidaying in LA, Vegas and Milan. Sigh!

I'm actually being rather dramatic here. I was really there to support Remi with his music video nomination at the Aesthica Short Film Festival. His work was one of the 13% of submitted films picked as finalists to be shown at the festival. So we went up north to network, attend masterclasses and watch up and coming filmmakers' works of art. 

It was actually really inspiring and I learned quite a bit, even though I'm not a film maker myself (though after one too many preseccos, I started introducing myself as a producer to other inebriated individuals!). We spent most of our time hanging out at the festival and seeing as it was mostly film screenings, I don't have many pictures to show you, being as the venue was as all dark and ish.

However, I did manage to sneak away for an hour or two and explore York, walking around the remains of the Roman wall that once protected the city and embracing the northern way of life by drinking endless tea. And from just 2 short days spent in York, I learned the following:

  • The North is cold AF!
  • York has some rather oddly named streets - what the hell is Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma Gate?!
  • Everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) smells like hot chocolate.
  • York has some bomb ass thrift shops!
  • Northerners are very friendly! Like smile at you in the street friendly, which is unsettling for a Londoner.

All jokes aside, York is super pretty and both Remi and I loved getting out of London and visiting somewhere new. And with its Viking history, Remi was particularly over the moon to be in York as he considers himself to have Viking blood *eye roll*. Thanks to ASFF for having us and showing us a great time up north. Looking forward to next year already :D. 

You can watch Remi's nominated music video here