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Does Diversity Matter?


diversity [dʌɪˈvəːsɪti,dɪ-/] noun. 1. the state of being diverse 2. a range of different things.

The days seem darker and gloomy and I'm not just talking about the fact that winter is here (man is it cold!!). Brexit happened and worse than that Trump happened! I pretty much stayed in pjs all day yesterday contemplating life, the world and the future. Then I got fed up, went out in the evening and drunk my frustrations away. I was a much cheerier person by 10pm lol. 

It wasn't so much Trump himself that upset me, just in the same way that I have never been that offended by Nigel Farage here in the UK. I've always known there are people in the world with warped perceptions and also I've come to learn that those in politics generally spout nonsense. What frightens me more is the mass followings they cultivate. The crowds of people that get together and chant derogatory phrases at rallies. The ones that believe in the ridiculous stereotypes like Mexicans are rapists, eastern Europeans are job stealers and black men are dangerous. The likes of Trump have united these people in their toxic beliefs and that's what is truly terrifying.  

While watching the elections till 5 am Wednesday morning (why I even wasted my time, I don't know) I came across so many racist comments online and on the news, all presented under the guise of "Make America Great Again". One Twitter account really struck a nerve being called Diversity Kills because I fear this thinking is spreading worldwide quite quickly. Recently, there's been so much talk centred around national identity and the fear that diversity is a personal attack on it. 

It's actually quite archaic and backward and nonsensical to believe diversity to be a threat when humans have mixed and matched for centuries. It's kinda how we all got here today. I'm technically classed as being mixed because I am Italian and Nigerian but surely a white British male with a French, Welsh and English background is also mixed. It's weird that people fight diversity when it's where we've all come from. It perplexes me that people don't see that. 

I can remember being in my GCSE biology class and learning how diversity makes our genetics stronger. It's kinda linked to the idea of evolution and natural selection. Mixing up genes has the potential to create stronger humans. Just like by mixing iron with carbon creates a stronger metal: steel. And even if you're not looking to procreate with someone different from yourself (though you should for the good of the human race, just saying), simply being around diverse groups, you become smarter, more creative and more diligent. Again, science backs this up. Research it!

It can apply to something as small (in the grand scheme of things) as blogger-brand collaborations. Collaborating with a brand like Farfetch obviously gives me a reach that I might not have been able to achieve on my own, making my blog stronger. Perhaps a bit of a far-fetched analogy (pun not intended ha) but long story short, we ALL need one another to progress in this world. Demanding uniformity is actually detrimental to the biology, innovation and future of the human race. Celebrating diversity is the road to success. 

And to the Diversity Kills account, please do your homework. I still have some Key Stage 3 Biology books that might be helpful to you! 




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*Title from "End of the Road" by Boys II Men