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Dorothy Perkins Dress

Oh oh, I pulled a little disappearing act there, didn't I? Bad blogger! Hid my self in Nigeria for a week with the ultimate remedy for a happiness boost: sun, mum and plantain! Photos coming soon. A much needed break but now I'm back in time to start celebrating my favourite time of year ...

It's Christmasssssss!


In my family, Christmas is a big deal! We go all out for this festive occasion! You'd be lucky to get even a happy birthday text from anyone within the year, let alone a present, but we all make up for it at Christmas time. With the Vedelago clan being spread out across the globe like confetti, it's one of the few times of the year where we all finally spend time together.

And for such a significant celebration in my family, Christmas outfits are super important!! Some of the dresses my mother has pulled out the wardrobe for Christmas dinner, you'd think she was going to the Met Gala! I promise you, I'm not even exaggerating. 

So I've already begun the hunt for festive party dress options and of course Dorothy Perkins was one of the first places I started looking as they haven't once failed to hook me up this year. Plus, their party wear this season is hot! Velvet suits, yes please! PU bomber jackets, go on then! This time, I went for a tuxedo dress, something I've expressed love for approximately a million times before. An elegant and sophisticated look but then edged out with my latex looking boots for an unexpected twist. Throw on as much jewellery as you can handle (that fabric choker is TDF!) and presto, ready for party season. 

Have you found some Christmas party wear options yet? Time's a ticking! xo



Dorothy Perkins Dress

Dorothy Perkins Choker

H&M Boots


*In collaboration with Dorothy Perkins