Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Night Photography

Struggling with photography for your blog this winter? Break the blogger mould using night time photography to showoff your outfits, taking the pressure off streetstyle shoots during shorter and greyer days.

As a blogger, I am constantly thinking of new ways to try and stand out from the crowd. With millions of fashion bloggers out in cyberspace, it’s difficult to not get lost in a sea of pretty faces wearing stylish clothes. 

And that’s just on a regular day. Add winter into the mix and I know many bloggers feel the pressure of trying to take good streetstyle photography for their blogs right now. It's hard working with grey days that give off bad lighting, adverse weather conditions (the number of shoots I’ve had to rearrange because of the rain) and less hours of available daylight. 

Trying to get the “perfect” streetstyle photo during this time of year is tricky but then again I’ve never liked following the crowd anyway, so drafting a new plan was required. Luckily, I met a photographer who enjoys taking photos in the dark and we managed to create something different and more interesting than your cookie-cutter, white background, streetstyle photos

Carelle - Night Photography

In the past, I’d been worried of shooting later in the evening, probably because I thought a whole lot of equipment is needed to accomplish a night shoot or an extremely bright flash at least ha! But an important lesson I’ve learned recently is to feel the fear and do it anyway! And so we gave it a go and the pictures came out great. 

It’s requires a bit more creativity shooting at night and the photographer used the glow from the shops lights to illuminate our photos. It turned out to be just enough to showcase my outfit, while also creating a fun play between light and shadow. Plus, I tried to wear clothes that would help attract light like velvet and patent, all pieces that have made my winter wardrobe so much more interesting lately.  

Lesson here is not to be afraid of what doesn’t fit the mould. When you can, be different and creative in your problem solving. Look how we managed to turn a outfit shoot in cute and quaint Notting Hill into something edgier! So even if it feels scary, embrace it because you just don’t know what you can achieve. 

So what do you think, are you brave enough to shoot in the dark? xo






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