#BeautyBuys Part 3 - December 2016

Dermalogica Products

Fighting the effects of pollution on skincare by double cleansing

Another 6 months have flown by and it's now time for my biannual #BeautyBuys post, where I share my latest beauty obsessions and the products that I GENUINELY love and use. 

Unfortunately, I haven't found that many new products that I've been particularly fond of since my last post apart from the Eve Lom Cleanser (below), which I am completely head over heels for right now! Though a bit annoying for you, it's great for me as it means the products I'm currently using are the best on the market for me! Woopie!

I did attend a Dermalogica event last week and had my face mapped by one of their skin therapists, looking at the effects my behaviours and my environment are having on my skin. I learned that generally, my skin looks healthy and dehydrated, score! Drinking water and using oil serums in the evening is finally working for me!

But I also learned that living in a heavily polluted city like London is taking its toll on my skin, causing it to appear less smooth and may even be a contributing factor to potential acne scarring! Yikes! Not first time I've mentioned my concern over city pollution affecting my skin but I want to share with you today the routine I've learned is imperative for combatting it and comes highly recommended by several beauty therapists as well.


Have you heard of Double Cleansing?


In layman's terms, double cleansing is simply cleaning your face twice! Shocker, I know! The idea behind it is that washing your face once is just not gonna cut it anymore, especially for effective makeup removal and combatting dirty city life. 

"If you spend time putting it on, spend time taking it off".

I know what you're thinking, some evenings you barely have the time or energy to take off your makeup with a wipe, let alone cleanse twice. It's a battle for me too but I assure you, I've been doing so for 3 months now and I've noticed a HUGE difference in my skin! Especially by using the Eve Lom cleanser balm to help remove makeup and dirt, after taking the majority of it off with a wipe.

Next, I cleanse again with the Liz Earle cleanser (below), spritz a little anti-pollution mist on, serum, moisturise, bed. It might sound a tedious procedure but totally worth it for clearer and more youthful looking skin.


Top 3 Products that Protect the Skin from Pollution 

One final note, this time on masks and exfoliation. Again, the skin therapist at Dermalogica told me both are needed for acne prevention and anti pollution defence. I currently use a Malin & Goetz foam mask once a week to meet my facial mask needs but I was suggested to try Dermalogica's Charcoal Rescue Masque as it both exfoliates and deep cleanses in one go!

Known for its amazing ability to extract harmful toxins from the skin, a charcoal mask is imperative when attempting to fight the damaging effect of pollution . It's next on my list to try ASAP!!! 

Finally, if you haven't done so already, pop down to your nearest Dermalogica stand and ask for a FREE skin mapping session. I found it so useful in helping me understand and manage my skin better!

See you in another 6 months for my next #BeautyBuys segment. Maybe I'll focus more on products for mixed race hair then, as I've received so many good recommendations to test out! Adieu for now xo