New Year, New You

How to Keep to Your New Resolutions

Will you be setting New Year Resolutions this year or do they sound a bit of a cliché to you? We all struggle to stay focused on our goals, hopes & resolutions but here are three fail-safe tips on how to keep to those resolutions all year long. 

So here we are again, another New Year is upon us and thankfully 2017 is so close that I can almost taste it! While so many are ready to say goodbye to the odd year 2016 was and are setting their sights on welcoming the hope of a fresh start each new year instills in us all, it's important to stay focused during this time

Undoubtedly, about half of you out there have already started to key together your New Year Resolutions and I can hear the other half of you scoff at the cliché of thinking you'll be any different this year or even that you'll keep to any of those resolutions.

I find myself somewhere in the middle and believe that New Year Resolutions can be a positive target for all of us if we follow these three simple rules when setting them:

Carelle - New Year Resolutions

Keep Hyper Focused  

You are more likely to achieve goals that are measurable that generic. So instead of saying lose weight, say lose 6 pounds in a month. Instead of saying work out, say go to the gym twice a week. Instead of saying eat healthier, say try one vegan meal a day. Get the idea? Keep your goals specific enough that it's easy to follow and you don't end up slacking on them. 

Be Realistic

Don't set goals that are unachievable. Saying "I'm gonna go to the gym 5 times a week" when you haven't done much exercise in the last few months isn't realistic and is just setting yourself up to fail. If you haven't been doing this activity already, it's unlikely that all of a sudden you'll be doing it every day just because the dates have changed. Think about what you're capable of and likely to achieve.

Try to start small and see how it goes. Thinking to yourself "I'm going to go running every day for the year" can feel overwhelming, especially if it's something you haven't already been doing. Change it to "I'll go for a run once a week". That's 52 times in the year, which feels much less intimidating, more achievable and more realistic. And if you're enjoying it, you can always increase the number as you go! 

Be Kind to Yourself

It's likely that you're gonna mess up. That's just human nature. Somewhere along the year, you're gonna eat a chocolate bar when you're supposed to be cutting out sugar. It's gonna be raining on the day you're supposed to go running and you'll sack it off. That's ok, we all do it! Don't feel disappointed with yourself, view those moments as set backs and give up all together. Move past it and get right back on the horse. One slip up won't affect the end goal if you just keep going. 


And finally...

 Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!! I hope all your wishes, goals and resolutions come to pass in 2017. Keep working at it and keep growing. Much love xo 


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