2016: A Year In Review

Dubai Desert

An ode to another year gone, 2016 was a year filled with many hard but valuable lessons learned! Before we welcome in the New Year, it's important to reflect on the one leaving us. In a nutshell, this was my 2016:



Carelle - Dubai, Miracle Gardens

I'd just returned to the UK from my usual Christmas family holiday to Dubai but this time I got to take the boyfriend with me to meet the family too. We had the best Christmas together and so I came back ready to kick some 2016 ass!


LESSON LEARNED | Family time is precious! 



Carelle - Nyhaven, Copenhagen

February kicked off with a weekend getaway to Copenhagen with the boyfriend, somewhere we both hold really special in out hearts for different reasons. So, it was great to share a trip there and create Danish memories together. We loved the city and genuinely can't wait to go back again!

This was the month I also got attacked by a man trying to steal my handbag, which was a downer! However, on a positive, I also started a long standing relationship of collaborating with Dorothy Perkins!


LESSON LEARNED | Be mindful of personal safety when alone!



Carelle - St Dunstan in the East

The standard of the blog stepped up when I started another long-standing relationship working with a new photographer. My teenage niece had always taken my photos in the past and she has been so brilliant over the years but I was excited to be working with someone who knew a little more about photography! We still collaborate to this day and have taken some great pictures together. The one above was our first shoot together :)


LESSON LEARNED | Don't be afraid to try new things & take chances! You never know what can come out of it!



Carelle - Bad Blogger

By April, I was struggling to keep up a good rhythm of blogging and wrote an honest post about the difficulties I faced trying to become "an influencer". Confessions of a Bad Blogger is still one of my most popular posts to date because I think so many of you could identify with my struggles. This got me thinking a lot about my relationship to blogging and how I could improve on it. 


LESSON LEARNED | People relate best to you when you're just yourself!



Carelle - Abuja, Nigeria

I then decided to take a little break from blogging in order to reflect on everything and going back home to Nigeria is one of the best ways for me to clear my head and recharge. Spent a week there with my Mum and as always, had the best time.  


LESSON LEARNED | There's no place like home! 



Carelle - Braids & Hair Extensions

June was a time for change. I came back inspired from my trip back home to Abuja and was ready to kick start the second half of the year. I changed up my hairstyle, changed my career field and was so excited about what the next chapter of my life had in store for me. 


LESSON LEARNED | While change can be scary, it's needed in order to grow!



Carelle - Ibiza

July was a fun month! I had started my new job in digital marketing, I went to watch Queen Bey in concert and had a long weekend in Ibiza with my boyfriend. Ibiza was a definite peak in the year for both Remi and I. We had a blast but spent way too much money! Whoops! 


LESSON LEARNED | Smile and enjoy life! 



Carelle - Malaga

Before I know it, it was time for my birthday again and in a blink of an eye I was 26! For some reason, I struggled with my birthday this year. I was overly emotional for no reason and started feeling increasingly anxious in my personal and professional life. I vowed not to get so easily overwhelmed by small things anymore. 

More travel this month, this time to Malaga to visit my best friend and her family. I got there just in time for their annual festival, which was so much fun! I love travelling!! 


LESSON LEARNED |Stop making a big deal out of the little things!



Carelle - London Fashion Week

September was a time of new beginnings again but it came with so much more uncertainty this time round. I started working freelance, which was an extremely scary and perhaps a slightly premature step but one that was much needed. Luckily, my mother was visiting in London so this change couldn't come at a better time, as having my mother here was the greatest support I could have ever needed. 

I got the motivation to persevere with this new section of my life during London Fashion Week, where I made new blogger friends, networked and built relationships with new photographers and actually got to attend some of the shows! 


LESSON LEARNED | There is no such thing as failing if you can learn from the mistakes you make and carry on.



Carelle - British Museum

So with a much needed boost after London Fashion Week, I started creating some amazing new content with 2 photographers I introduced myself to last month and felt inspired to try something different on the blog. This led to my Bad Blogger series and I finally started finding consistency with blogging. 

I also attended some amazing events that encouraged women to develop their own businesses and become confident female CEOs. I felt so inspired afterwards to create something amazing! I just wasn't sure what yet! Ha!



1 - You can achieve whatever it is you want if you put your mind and hard work into it.

2 - Feel the fear and do it anyway!



Carelle - Nigeria

In November, it was time for another trip home but this time I brought my boyfriend with me. I love that Remi is so interested in my culture and it was amazing to be able to share that part of me with him. I also started vlogging and made my first video on my trip to Abuja. It has already racked up over 300 views so I'm very pleased :D

Remi and I worked together for the first time this month on a music video and I also visited York for the Aestheica Film Festival to support him and his work during that time. He's so talented and know he will go far! 

Finally, I had some great collaborations this month with Farfetch and Nobody's Child. All testament to the hard work I was putting into the blog. 


LESSONS LEARNED | Two heads are better than one, so don't be afraid to reach out to others for help in your own progression. 




Carelle - Venice

And now finally, the last month of the year is here and there was more travel for me this month. I visited Venice for the day, with my best friend, and created my second travel vlog. Then time for another Christmas in the Middle East with my family. Both trips reminded me just how much I love travelling and it is something I definitely want to focus more on in the next year! I learned a lot about myself in those two trips so I've most definitely caught the travel bug! 

More great collaborations with month with Kurt Geiger, Nobody's Child, Gbemi and Y.A.S. Again, a reminder that the hard work I put into blog is slowly paying off. 



1 - Travel feeds the soul.If you can, just go! 

2 - You're not bored, you're boring!


Though tricky at times, it's been a wonderful year and I'm so excited to create even more amazing memories next year! I hope you guys have had a chance to reflect upon the year that has been and are just as excited as I am for the year to come. Celebrate big tonight and let's send off 2016 with a bang! See you in 2017 lovely cyberpeople! Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx