Superwoman Video

"Being a woman is a powerful thing" - Rebecca Ferguson


So, I know I've been posting much less online over the last few weeks and I've received private messages recently from people asking if everything is OK. So sweet but all is well, I've just been working on lots of little bits and bobs here and there which requires more of my time atm. One being that I got to help out/co produce Rebecca Ferguson's latest Superwoman video, which Remi (boyfriend) directed last month. 

It was such a fun yet stressful experience but I learned so much being on set and how awesome that I'm part of the creation of a music video and got to work with some crazy talented people! :O :O :O It's definitely upped my coolness factor a touch ha! Plus, it was such a sweet music video to be involved in. I'm always one for female empowerment and I know this song means a lot to Rebecca in reaching out to other women and hearing their stories of struggles and success. 

That's why the Superwoman video isn't just about a moving song but has an important message attached to it. Hashtagsuperwoman is an online platform, set out by Rebecca, where women can support and encourage one another in a safe and positive environment. It's already had a great response so definitely check it out and don't forgot to like the video on YouTube :) As usual, more soon xo