All Black Outfit

How to Wear an All-Black Outfit in Winter without Looking Boring!!!

All black outfits are my absolute favourites! A no muss, no fuss, put together look, it's pretty much what I wear day to day in winter because:

  1. It's dark and depressing outside!
  2. It's the easiest thing to put together and still look chic!

But it can get a little monotonous (pun intended) so how do you spice up what can come across as a rather plain looking outfit? In the dead of winter no less! 

Well my friends, my simple trick to jazzing any black outfit up is by mastering the art of layering (which comes in rather useful in this weather) and mixing textures and patterns within the outfit.

So for this look, I've got a dotted body poking out underneath my ever-so cosy mohair sweater and added some very shiny shoes to stand out. Then finally, throw on your staple jewellery pieces and voila! It's all in the details, people! 

Plus, by doing this, this look can easily transition from day to night! Wrap up for lunch/dinner and slip the sweater off when you're ready to party and the club has warmed up. I take warmth seriously ok! I'm African and don't nobody have time for catching pneumonia!

How do you keep you all black outfits stylish in winter? xo


H&M Jumper

Y.A.S Body

ASOS Trousers

H&M Boots (similar)

Snatch Store Bracelet (blue)

In collaboration with Y.A.S and Snatch Store

                                         *Title from song by Wretch 32