Bath & Best Friend Bish

Behold, the original Carelle babes are reunited! And all is right with the world again! Well not really but over the weekend, I did pay a little visit to see my love, Carla, in Bath. I've probably mentioned before but long story short, we met at university and become bonded for life (we had the idea to run this blog together for so long!) but then she moved to Bath so I don't get to see her that often. Boo! But it isn't all bad as I pretty much speak to her everyday. We even sometimes have cyber dinner dates over FaceTime because we are just super cool people haha. But I do miss spending real life face-to-face time with her so it's always nice to see her in the flesh and act silly like we're teenagers again. That's the one of the many things I love about hanging out with Carla. We just laugh so much! I'm sure people must get annoyed with our inside jokes sometimes!

Well this time, I brought my (actual teenage) niece with me and Carla got to show her around the city a little, as it was her first time visiting Bath. It was a rather quick trip in and out so I only took a couple of photos but you get the general gist: very beautiful and historic city. We visited the Royal Crescent, the Abbey and just walked along the pretty streets. We didn't have time to take a proper look at the Roman Baths, as you should really dedicate a good amount for that, but my niece got the general idea. Glad I got to show her somewhere new and interesting and as I've said before, it's great to get out of London once in a while for some fresh air ;) I've got more stories to share from this weekend - it's been a weird one, but more on that later. Toodles xo