Copenhagen | Vesterbro

Carelle - Vesterbro

Here are some pictures from our first day in Copenhagen, which are mostly from my Samsung phone so this will be more of a recommendations post.  

We arrived late Friday evening, took the train from the airport into Central station and walked 15 minutes to our hotel. Easy peasy. After weeks of research on Tripadvisor, I decided on the Absalon Hotel in the trendy Vesterbro area (the capital's hipster, red-light district) for our stay and I'm so glad I did - it was easy to get to, comfortable and clean and the staff were really friendly. So we checked in, located our little room and got settled (which meant selfie time for me haha). 

Our room was so sweet. I've always been a fan of Scandinavian interior design and while the room was rather small, it was put together in such a smart way that it didn't feel claustrophobic. Everything was bright and clean and for 2 nights, that was more than enough. 

Downstairs was even funkier! I'd never thought to decorate a hotel with green before but it works haha.

Now unto the good stuff: the surrounding area. There were so many amazing places to eat around us. I wish we could have been there a little longer to try the pizzas at Neighbour or the brunch at Granola. Food in Denmark is awesome cos everything is fresh and organic, or at least it feels that way. We mostly ate in the meat-packing district called Kødbyen, which is just the coolest place ever. Much simpler looking than in New York but just as creative and trendy. It has some amazing restaurants and really hip bars. I cannot recommend this place enough! Seriously!

So for dinner on our first night, we went to Nose2Tail, an underground restaurant that prides itself on using and cooking everything from its produce so nothing goes to waste. We had the sharing platter, deviled eggs and the meat of the day, which was the softest and most scrumptious pork I've ever had! We stuffed our bellies full, had a few round of the local beer and finished off by downing plenty of shots with the waitress. 

Side note: Another great place in Kødbyen, where we sampled dinner on our second night, is a restaurant called Kul. This restaurant is more fusion but quite simply heaven on a plate. We started with parma ham, calamari and a squid ink mayo which made us basically lick our plates and then had steak, mac'n'cheese and salad for the main (another sharing platter). I now refuse to have steak any other way haha. No pictures available because the food was gone in under a minute haha.

Anyway, back to our dinner at Nose2Tail. We spent ages just chilling in there after our meal and then were ready to try out the local night life. And low and behold, we did not have to go far. Right next door was a wicked diner/bar, called Bakken KBH, playing on point house music. Drinks were a little pricey (standard for Copenhagen) but the place had a super fun vibe. Chilled, young and trendy. Everything was so laid back, no one was dressed up and even the barman was drunk haha. It's what I imagine Shoreditch was like before it became "mainstream". And then to finish the night off, we danced to 90s hip hop tunes in Noho, right until they swapped to 80s disco at 3 am signalling it was time to call it a night for us haha. Apparently the club, Sunday, is supposed to be another awesome night out in Copenhagen but by this point we had drunk enough for two nights so needed our beds. We partied so hard the first night that the thought of going out again was actually painful! 

Ahh Copenhagen, we had such fun! I can't to go back soon but maybe in the summer when it's a little warmer haha. One more post to share tomorrow. Have a good weekend everyone xo