Copenhagen | Torvehallerne

Carelle - Torvehallerne

My last post on our trip to Copenhagen is a short but sweet one featuring pictures from this must-stop food market that will capture any foodie's heart/stomach. Torverhallerne is not just a market (boasting over 60 stalls) but a culinary experience. All produce is fresh, tasty and beautifully presented, from fruit to flowers, smørrebrød to chocolate filled pastries, this place is my version of paradise. We visited on our last day, before heading to the airport. After 15 min walk from our hotel, we spent several hours here eating open sandwiches, pizza, desserts, chatting, exploring and embracing the wonderfully chilled way of Danish living. I love visiting any market on a Sunday but this was a real treat and a wonderful way to end a great weekend trip away. I cannot wait to go back to Copenhagen soon and do so much more sightseeing. A truly wonderful city that is so close to my heart for so many reasons. My city Valentine this year ;) KBH jeg elsker dig xo