Copenhagen | Nyhaven

Carelle - Nyhaven

It feels like ages ago I went to Copenhagen now but it was only last weekend! Oh how time flies but at least I can relive my fun little city break away now. So why did I pick Denmark, when I always crave heat and sun? Well firstly, finding heat and sun in January requires long haul flights which I had neither the time nor money for. Secondly, I had the idea to treat my boyfriend for his birthday with a short Scandinavian getaway because he has a Danish background and had always wanted to visit the capital city. Plus, I actually grew up in Copenhagen for a little bit when I was child so this was the perfect excuse to go back and visit. I really loved Denmark growing up and have some of my favourite memories from my time there. They have such a good lifestyle and I particularly adore Danish interior design and food. Everything is so fresh and clean and the people are really friendly. However the language was one thing I did not manage to pick up as a child, which is such a shame cos I could totally pretend I was a Viking. To be honest, it doesn’t matter too much as everyone can speak pretty perfect English over there; they are so clever!

Anyhoo, I digress. Our trip to Copenhagen was lovely. It’s actually quite a romantic city in a less obvious way than somewhere like Paris. Perhaps because it’s not so in your face, more like a cool and subtle kind of romance. You can just amble around the city’s interesting districts, savouring the Scandinavian way of life: a little bicycle ride here, a coffee there and you feel like you’re in a mature and trendy relationship haha. That’s how I felt anyway. Though this romance comes at a price. My oh my is Copenhagen expensive!! But then again, the quality of life is really above average so I guess that’s what you’re paying for.

So these pictures were taken on our second day in Copenhagen, which was really our only full day there. Unfortunately we were hangingggg so bad from partying the night before (the Danes know a good party!) so we did not manage to do too much that day. Plus it was freezing so you don’t want to be out for long periods at a time. But a must on our list was Nyhaven! Translated, it means New Harbour and it is just that; a waterfront lined by brightly coloured houses, historic ships and great restaurants and bars. It’s small but a tourist hot spot. I’ve taken about a thousand photos of it because it just looks so quaint and pretty. After the mandatory tourist snaps, we continued to wander around the area and just got lost in the city before running back to our hotel bed to nurse our spinning heads. More details on hotel and restaurant recommendations tomorrow. 



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