La Vida Es Así Como En Un Sueño

Carelle - K&K

The beauty of living in somewhere like London is that it never fails to surprise you. I've lived here for over 10 years and am still finding uncharted parts of the city to explore. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon one of the most beautiful and magical spots in London: St Dunstan in the East Church Garden, a church bombed during WWII but the ruins kept intact and made into a public garden. Never heard of it? Neither had I so it was a real treat to happen across it. Nestled in the middle of the City of London, it really is a "secret garden" hidden away in the heart of high rise buildings and bustling traffic. Yet it is a rather enchanting and serene gem, with limited noise and people...a dream really! I definitely want to visit again in summer when everything has bloomed and the garden really comes to life! 

So to match my intriguing environment, I thought it would be fun to mix up my look in a similar contrast to the church; a concoction of the magical and mystical with urban vibes. And here you have it, my city girl bomber jacket, JLo ghetto hoops clashing with a gypsy, ethereal-esque hairstyle (which I've become a little obsessed with lately btw). You wouldn't necessarily put the two styles together but I think it actually works rather well. I've always enjoyed styling for seemingly conflicting fashions and this makes quite a cool statement, don't you think? Thanks to Dorothy Perkins for gifting me this lovely turtle neck body (which I've been wearing waaay more than I'd like to admit) and to Burchardtlens for taking such magical photos. I'm super happy with how it all turned out; it's put me a great mood for the weekend. I definitely needed a pick me up with this grey and gloomy weather we are predicted for the next few days. Boo! Oh well, have a good one everyone xo 



Kendal + Kylie  Longline Bomber Jacket (similar)

Dorothy Perkins Turtleneck Body (similar)

H&M Mini Skirt (similar)

Topshop Lace Up Boots



*Title from "Que Ironica" (Ain't It Funny) by Jennifer Lopez