What's In A Name

Carelle - Name Necklace

Say my name, say my name...


I've always wanted a name necklace, ever since I became obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City during the 00ies. 15 years later and I finally have been gifted one from the kind people at Love Silver. I adore it and haven't taken it off since I got it last week, so a big thank you to them. I've had so many compliments from people and questions about where they can get their own names from. This got me thinking, why is wearing your name on a necklace such an attraction and a trend? I couldn't help but wonder (see what I did there?!) what's the power of a name? 

It seems that people from all over the world have been fascinated with naming, whether it be on a cultural level, scholars debating the influences of words or writers deliberating the perfect name to match the characters in their books. My mother always taught me that names are powerful, that they mean something. Definitely in my Nigerian culture, your name says a lot about you. It acts as your identity, representing your birth (e.g. being born on a Sunday might mean you get named Sunday), your family history (older generations in Nigeria have last names relating to which gods their tribes worshiped) or expectations of the child's future. And interestingly the belief that a name can influence a person's behaviour or circumstances is one that even science has acknowledged, with studies suggesting that the names people choose for their children can subtly convey a wealth of information to others. Interesting stuff right?

Well I love my name and am proud to wear it around my neck. Elvira is a Latin name that means truth or white. Regardless, I just like the way it sounds and growing up in Britain, I've never met another Elvira so definitely felt very special as a child. Have you ever researched the meaning behind your name? Or even asked your parents why they named you as such? If you haven't, go ahead. It can be quite interesting and rather fun. If you are interested in getting your own name necklace, Love Silver are very kindly offering Carelle's readers 10 % discount on purchases. Use the code CARELLE10 when checking out for a special Easter treat and enjoy rocking your name proudly this spring! Happy Easter everyone, hope you all had a great day yesterday xo. 


Oh na na, what's my name?