Come And Get Aboard

It's Easter Weekend! YAAAAAAAAY! 4 days of fun and relaxation ahead of me and I can barely contain my excitement. The weather this weekend is looking pretty depressing but I'm not gonna let that spoil my vibe.  Actually, the weather yesterday was glorious and I went for a super chilled vibe for a girly lunch date on Portobello road and then a casual stroll around London town. I love my new Missguided top. It looks really chic but edgy at the same time. And oddly enough, it's actually warm. You wouldn't think a top with so many holes would make you work up a sweat but there you have it. Apparently those holes trap body heat better; you learn something new everyday! So many people have asked me where I got it from and it was a sale purchase! Score! But what dyu think about this baker boy hat? I'm trying a new look and continuously wanna keep it fresh with my style but I haven't made my mind up about this hat. Some days I love it, some days I think I look like a train driver from the 1950s. The jury's still out so I need you advice. Keep or ditch?

This morning I had a lovely breakfast at the Duck and Waffle in Liverpool Street. It was ah-maz-ing! Will share some pictures over the weekend. I had to get up so early for it though so I'm back on my sofa now, watching Hairspray haha. Love these lazy days. Have a good one :) xx



Missguided Top (similar)

Dr Denim Jeans

Zara Coat

H&M Boots

Asos Hat


*Title from "Blue Train" by Johnny Cash


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