Duck & Waffle, City of London

Carelle - Duck & Waffle

This was the second time I've gotten up super early on a Bank Holiday weekend, why is this becoming a trend for me? Ella Rose and I planned to meet up for a little brunch date and chat properly after meeting each other and hitting it off at a Farfetch event last month. And of course, only the finest would do for us blogger babes so we decided to try out Duck & Waffle, a first for the both of us. Standardly, everything was booked up way in advance but as luck would have it, a slot opened up last minute ... at 8.45 am. Now, I live Southwest so it would take me 30 - 40 mins to get to Liverpool Street, not mentioning that we only had the table for an hour so decided it would be best to meet earlier and wait at the bar before we were seated. Therefore, on my lovely Saturday morning off, I dragged myself out of bed at 7.10 am (earlier than I wake up for work sometimes) and attempted to make myself presentable.

I finally made it to Liverpool Street (not completely sure how - I was definitely in a too-early-morning-zombie daze to function properly) and took the lift at the Heron Tower up to 40th floor. That was the single most terrifying experience of my life!! OK, a bit dramatic perhaps, but I have a crippling fear of heights and to be the only one in an elevator zooming up 40 floors, with ceiling to roof windows, made me terribly nauseous! Having someone to hold my hand would have helped slightly (I know I'm 25 years old, yeah whatever!).

After what felt like an eternity (15 seconds at best), I was safely on solid and still ground and found the views much easier to appreciate.

The decor of the restaurant was quite interesting - a mix of classy and cool. Once I'd caught my breath again, we were shown to our seats where it was time for business... But first a cuppa was needed to calm my nerves and awaken my mind before I could even begin to read the menu.

Read the menu, haha, who am I kidding? I checked out that badboy the night before and even if I didn't, I knew exactly what I was coming here for... the duck and waffle, duhhhh!

Carelle - Duck & Waffle

Ella Rose went for a sweeter option, which looked (and tasted - yes I nibbled a bit of her breakfast too) divine!

Carelle - Duck & Waffle

And in amoungst the chit chat and munching, mimosas were ordered...I don't know how, it obviously had nothing to do with me ;)

We sat and enjoyed time drift along, with the ambiance and crowd within the restaurant shifting from a quiet early morning breakfast to a bustling bank holiday brunch, before we braved the grey and overcast London weather to get back to our respective homes for the obligatory food coma nap. Bank Holiday Saturday well done, I say!