S P O T L I G H T: Braids

I'm not sure who most of these ladies are (apart from Zoe Kravitz of course) but aren't they all gorgeous!? I got all the photos from Tumblr. Lately, I've been tempted to try braided extensions and might give it a go when I next visit Nigeria (soon hopefully). Braids have come back "on trend" in the media at the moment, though for many cultures, they have always been a trend. There's been a bit of backlash from the black community being annoyed with the media praising celebrities like the Kardashians for rocking boxer braids when I, like many black girls, have been wearing braids such as cornrows since we were young. I remember sitting on my sister's bedroom floor for hours while I waited for her to finish putting in over a hundred little braids in my hair. I loved them! My little nieces in Nigeria currently wear what the media call "boxer braids" everyday and look so cute, they are almost edible!

While I have no problem with whomever rocking braids (especially as so many different cultures have worn braids for thousands of years e.g Africans, Asians, Native Americans), it's annoying that the media is suddenly praising celebrities (not to single out a race but unfortunately it tends to be mostly white celebrities, not the likes of Alicia Keys or Ciara who were rocking cornrows in the media  in 2000) for the new and fresh hairstyle when there are black women who get turned away from jobs because of their braids (this has happened to women I know). So my frustration is with the media not with any individual. To cut a long story short,this is why I specifically chose to share photos of black women in the braids for my hair inspo because they rock it and look beautiful and deserve praise too. We need more of that kind of positivity thrown back into cyberspace.  These are some of ladies I'd like to emulate when I do my hair :) xo 


4 reasons I love braids:

Easy way to keep my hair tidy and tame (goodbye bad hair days).

The wavy after effect (I braid my hair every night to prevent knots, frizz and create waves).

Low maintenance hair style.

They look good - need I say more.