Double Trouble

Carelle - Double Denim
"Never trust someone who wears denim on denim"


Do you remember when Jessie J said that quote about Danny on The Voice UK? Funniest thing ever! But I've always loved wearing denim on denim. I think if done well, it's an effortless look. There's just something so cool about denim, so by logic wearing more denim makes you even cooler right? In all seriousness, I love the universal nature of denim. Simply put, everyone wears jeans. Models, rockstars, farmers, presidents, the everyday average Joe. Looking round my office now, 6/8 people are wearing jeans (they are a casual bunch haha). But I guarantee that everywhere you go people will be wearing jeans. The Philippines, Nigeria, Peru, everywhere (ok granted, I can't actually guarantee that as there are probably some indigenous people in Amazonian villages that have never heard of denim, I don't know). It's a rare fashion piece that binds us all together no matter race, sex, age, etc.... yet still allows each individual style to shine through. I love how the BBC put it: 

"The eternal appeal of jeans is just that they reflect us and they reflect the lives that we've had in them".

And while double denim is known as a bit of a faux pas, doubling up is a fun way to be a bit rebellious but also doesn't require much styling effort to look good. Anyway, there are infinite ways to wear denim and I love seeing how creative others are with styling their denim looks. So I wanna know, how do you style your denim? xo 



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