#BeautyBuys Part 2 - June 2016

It's been about 6 months since I did my last beauty buys post so it's time for my second edition. I'm still using all of the products from my last beauty post (see here) but in that time, I've come across a whole bunch of new products that I've fallen in love with and am so happy to share them with you. Some of them were sent as gifts (from Pr companies or my boyfriend or my best friend - thanks guys, you keep me young!) but that was months ago (the bad blogger strikes again!) and I have tried and tested them all thus only recommending them because I now use them religiously. There are lots of bits I get sent that don't make it on my blog so you know I'm only putting up what I consider to be the best. But remember, products work well on some people and not so well on others so it is a bit of trial and error game. These are just the ones that have done so well by me, I couldn't keep the secret to myself. The general gist here is hydration, protection and long lasting care! 


I've now come to love oils. I'm no longer afraid to douse my face in the stuff - as long as it's the right stuff. I've noticed such an improvement in my skin by using the Espa Skin Proserum. I suffer from combination skin but instead of obsessively drying my skin out, thinking I'll shrink the spots but actually doing more damage in the long run, I'm now hydrating it. And you know what, my spots have really calmed down. They are not completely gone - I'm sure diet and lifestyle have something to do with that but my face is looking much healthier. If only I knew this as a teen! Talking of lifestyle, I've come to love the Ren Skincare Antipollution Mist to protect my face from nasty pollutants in London's air. I may be sucker for good advertising but I think it's really working :D As for the Elemis products, my boyfriend bought me them for Christmas and I still love and use them all (read the review here). Lesson for today: oils are your friend!  


Same applies for hair care really. I bagged these O&M goodies when I last visited Pure Pr HQ but forgot all about them until recently. I found them buried under my stack of freebies and decided to give them a try (I was conveniently out of conditioner so perfect timing haha). Since using it for the last month, I've noticed my hair has become dramatically softer. And both products smell divine! No wonder Australians have such good hair! The argan oil is another new edition into my haircare routine, one I use after washing my hair. It keeps my hair hydrated, glossy and protected while I blow-dry it. Love it! 


And lastly, I've added some new products into my makeup bag. I'm normally not the biggest enthusiast of sharing makeup because I'm such an amateur (have you seen some of these girls on Instagram, I know nothing! Someone teach me how to contour asap!!). But these are 3 products that I'm so impressed with that I just had to share. All are long lasting (good eye removal cream is needed for that mascara, waterproof to the max!!!) and give great effects. I don't leave my house without my Dr. Perricone No Lipstick Lipstick; whether I've got my full face on or going for a more natural look, this product provides subtle colour while being one of the best lip balms I've ever tried. My newest find is the BMPRO Longlasting Lipgloss from a Nigerian makeup artist, giving Kylie Jenner a run for her money on her lipsticks. This is the matte-est lipgloss I've ever tried (please note, I've haven't tried Kylie's lip kit out yet) and the colours are heaven. Wherever I go, people ask me where my lipstick is from. I actually fool people into thinking I know how to do my makeup when I wear this haha. I also love their newest edition "Candy" ... it smells of cookies, how is that even possible?! 

And that's my beauty picks from the last 6 months. Edition 3 will be available before Christmas. I can't wait to try lots of news products to suggest to you guys again. Till then, go forth and moisturise xo