Let's Just Be Honest

Hair Extentions - Braids

I've seen a lot high street stores stocking the "dress on top of t-shirt" trend and while I love the idea of the look (very 90s!), I just don't know why anyone is buying into this "trend". Why would I pay money when I have t-shirts and dresses at home that I can mix and match at my hearts content? It seems like one big con to me, if I'm honest. And if you don't have these items at home, I would recommend you go shopping for some basics asap!

I've paired this look with my beloved Adidas trainers, a choker and my "good hair" braids for a very 90s laid back, summer in the city look. Speaking of summer in the city, what is with this weather in London? Is it hot, is it cold, it is cloudy, is it sunny? I couldn't tell you. The weather is so bipolar and changes mood several times a day so I don't know how to dress in the mornings. I feel I have to pack several items with me when I go to work so I can change throughout the day as the weather goes from cloudy to sunny to thunderstorms. Any chance of another heatwave sometime soon London? xo 



Asos Dress (similar)

H&M T-shirt (similar)

Adidas Trainers

Asos Sunglasses

Urban Outfitters Choker (similar)


*Title from "Real" by Kid Ink