Serenity By Rachel Jackson London

Rachel Jackson Jewellery

One of the coolest things about this blogging business is that I get to be exposed to so many new and exciting brands that I might not have known without some Carelle exposure. To be fair, I had come across the name Rachel Jackson before but after their team very kindly got in contact with me, I was able to become better acquainted with the brand and their beautiful pieces of jewellery. They are the epitome of classy cool so I absolutely jumped at the chance of collaborating with them. This was back in late April/early May and being the bad blogger I am, I haven't been able to post about them till now. Eek, sorry guys! But I can tell you that I truly love the Hexagon Adjustable Ring I was gifted and have worn it everyday since. I'm quite picky with my jewellery and prefer subtle pieces for my everyday style. This ring is both minimalist yet statement, a hard feat to accomplish so I applaud you Miss Jackson. It might even be one of my favourite pieces of jewellery to wear atm. I'll need to do an outfit post with the ring so you can see how I style it with a whole look asap. In the meantime, check out the Rachel Jackson Serenity collection. So many hexagons, it's geometric heaven xo

P.S. There are a few other bits that I've popped into this post that I'm loving right now. This includes my new cactus (it's not spiky but I think it is a cactus, someone please confirm) from Rassells of Kensington Garden Centre, which I've named Bumble..., my new hexagon shaped marble coasters I imported from the US through Etsy (although I'm too scared to use them cos they are so pretty and pricey) and lastly my new marble phone case from Richmond & Finch (where I thought I was the first amongst my friends to find this brand and learnt that everyone already has one - always late to the party Elvira). And those are a few of my favourite things ;)