Breakfast At Fait Maison || Gloucester Road

Fait Maison

Breakfast is served!

I've found such a cutie little "Salon de Thé" close to me, the perfect little French inspired café for us southwest locals. I popped in for a croissant last weekend, to have a brainstorm session for an upcoming photoshoot but I was extremely distracted by all the cakes and treats inside the café to concentrate on anything else. How yummy does everything look?! I mean, they have mini croissants!! MINI CROISSANTS! :O It kinda reminded me of a more chilled out Ladurée. Though French, there's also a definite middle-eastern touch to this spot, which makes for a unique and intriguing experience.  If you're ever around the area, do swing by. You might even see me there, trying out their lunch menu (I had a sneak peak and it looks pretty delightful). I think they also have more cafés in other locations as well. Take a look at their website to find your closest Fait Maison. 

Btw, can you spot my new favourite ring from Rachel Jackson? I literally haven't taken it off since I got it and I'm so picky with my jewellery so you know it's true love. You can take a closer look at it here. Anyway, time to get cracking with Monday. Oh how I'd rather be sitting outside munching a pastry than at my desk forcing down porridge haha. But before you know it, it'll be the weekend again and there'll be another brunch spot to sample. C'est la vie ;) Have a great week everyone. Keep an eye out for my next outfit post coming up on Friday. À bientôt xo