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90s Outfit

Hands up, who else is fed up with this British summer? I can't be the only one surely, it's been rather effing disappointing. Thing is I'm really confused, everything just seems a little backwards lately. I mean, it's July but I'm dressing as if it's October, Brexit has bulldozed British parliament, Trump is a serious contender for presidency with crowds genuinely soaking up his nonsense and people are being discriminated against to the point of death...all in 2016! We are a species that can reason and use logic, yet we've made a real mess of things. I've been trying to collect my thoughts over the last few days, in order to have something conducive, insightful and forward to say on here but I feel stifled by frustration. It's hard not to get overwhelmed and down by the current climate, both literally and figuratively. 

For now, we've gotta keep keeping on and in that spirit I've rustled up a rather hasty outfit post for this less than perfect Friday. General gist, I continue to live in mostly black and white, I have yet to go outside without some sort of outerwear but I'm mighty pleased for another chance at busting out the ol' beret. I genuinely think I got stuck in the 90s and have struggled to progress past that 2000. I love 90s music, fashion, films and things just seemed simpler then (in all fairness, I was between 0-10 years old so my biggest dilemmas were crayon and lunchbox related). And voila, you have my "I'm a 90s baby" look, old school plastic choker inclusive haha. Do you ever feel like your stuck in a certain era?

Have a great day everyone. Let's keep trying to spread a little more love and positivity out there. We could sure as hell could use it right about now. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who we've lost xo



Beret bought off Ebay (similar)

Topshop Waistcoat

Zara Top

Dr. Denim Jeans

Asos Belt

Aldo Boots

Elizabeth & James Sunglasses


*Title from "Livin La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin