Summer 2016 | July Weekend

Omg omg omg, it's actually sunny! And not British sunny, properly hot and sunny! So I didn't get get a chance to update the blog over the weekend because I was out in the rare sunny spell we experienced over the weekend. And yesterday I had a 12 hour work day so there was no chance in hell I was gonna prep a post. But silver lining, I was working outside all day so got to bask in the magnificent heatwave London is experiencing. As such, I'm rustling together a quick post with a couple (4 to be exact) pictures of what I got up to the Saturday and Sunday gone. London comes alive in the sunshine and I had a wonderful weekend exploring the city in the heat. 

S A T U R D A Y: I worked on a shoot for this coming week and enjoyed some ice-cream on Portobello Road. Then I had a massive sugar crash because I've recently been trying out the sugar diet and I don't think my body handled the reintroduction of sugar very well. I don't want to completely cut out sugar as I do love a weekend almond magnum or a weekday popcorn night but I'm just trying to become more aware of how much sugar I eat - especially hidden in foods you wouldn't necessary think has it e.g. yogurts, pasta sauces, etc.. I should totally do a post about my sugar diet journey. Watch this space! Anyway, I digress. After a much needed nap as a result of a sugar crush, I joined some friends on Primrose Hill where I made a new BFF in the form of that cutie pup, Cookie. I'm such a dog person, always have been and always will be (if only I could have one of my own). And then movie night with the boy, ready for....

S U N D A Y: We had a lovely roast lunch with my brother and his girlfriend in Oxford Circus, briefly ambled around the shops and then made our way to the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch to watch Tarzan. Tarzan was a disappointment! I was not impressed by the makeshift storyline that attempted a different angle to the classic movie but just came across as odd. The cinema was OK but the one in Portobello is a bit prettier. Though I did love the cafe upstairs; thought it was a cool touch. Next my boyfriend and I had a lazy Greek dinner on the rooftop of Shoreditch House, before making our way back home to watch Venus & Serena, the documentary, with cherries (for me) and ice-cream (for him). Bliss!

So all in all, the sun makes everything better! I love seeing people in parks, smiling, talking, just being happy. Thank goodness we finally got some sun because things have been quite dreary for more than one reason. I hope you got up to something fun over the weekend. I'm looking forward to some more sunshine this week and hopefully summer is finally here and here to stay. Have a great day and check back on here on Friday for a new outfit post.