The Granny Diaries - Part 1

Lace Body



Right so I'm annoyed. Yup, annoyed! Actually, I'm offended. My boyfriend thinks I dress like a effing grandmother. The audacity! This is NOT cool. What does he even know about fashion, eh? Yeh, I like my leggings and over sized jumpers, my comfortable shoes and a scarf when it's cold. And OK, maybe I would prefer to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket and a cuppa on a Friday night than party the night away in some sweaty, overcrowded club. And so what if I like to go to be bed at a reasonable hour?...Ok, maybe he has a slight point but not enough to describe my general style and fashion sense as GRANNY!!! 

So this all started one fateful weekday night. We were in bed and I decided to play a game (see I'm more of a big kid than a grandmother, c'mon!) and test his ass with how much he thinks he knows about me. I quizzed him on my childhood, how I'd behave in different situations and my preferences of everything. And you know what, the boy did good. Like really good. Like 10/10, give the boy a gold star. Then I foolishly asked him to describe my style and the actual words out of his mouth were G.R.A.N.N.Y C.H.I.C. What the hell? And you know what, this isn't the first time I've been described in such a fashion. My brother has also commented similarly. Well, I'm sorry if I don't dress like a Kardashian day in and day out but where on earth am I going dressed like that? These men need to get a grip. Plus, there's nothing wrong with liking comfortable and easy dressing; things you can throw together in a jiffy and still look good with minimal effort. So maybe I'm just lazy, not elderly haha. 

I know what some of you might be thinking. Screw them, girls don't dress for guys and you're right. But in the famous words of my guru, Queen Bey, "Every now and then you gotta go back in the closet and pull out that freak dress". So I'm showing Bae that I still got it with what I consider to be the sexiest of combos: leather and lace. How'd you like me now?! The question is, would you dare wear this out? I've noticed lingerie inspired outfits are très trendy right now...I've even seen the odd "granny" slip dress being thrown around fashion websites. So clearly this style is fashionably accepted in society but I'm gonna need a warmer evening and stronger tit tape to bust this look out on the town (it's not super clear in the photos but the lace is rather see through). And London's weather right now has been anything but lingerie friendly this summer. Otherwise, I'd be happy wear to this dinner or clubbing (very very powerful tit tape pending). For now, poking out from underneath a shirt as a day look is fine, like I've worn in this previous outfit post. What about you, are you brave enough for the lingerie look? xo 

P.S. Keep an eye out for The Granny Diaries - Part 2, where I show you another lingerie inspired look and delve further into the life of an introvert (or "granny" to you extroverts). Coming soon! 



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