Touch The Sky Babygirl

Dorothy Perkins Tuxedo

For those of you that don't follow me on social media, you might not know that this week I turned 26! Eeek! Time is flying so quickly!! I'll share more of my birthday shenanigans on the blog on Monday but I'm very happy to have reached another year healthy and happy. I feel ready to reach for the sky this year and it's a good thing I've come prepared for such an occasion with my pilot inspired outfit eh?! Haha! I've always wanted a good tuxedo dress and after much searching, my lovely buddies at Dorothy Perkins gifted me this one. Aren't they sweet? Excuse the creases (who irons anything anymore) but I can confirm it is a very sexy and stylish little number. It can be worn on it's own and but I wanted to be a bit more creative with the look...well only as creative as wearing monochrome, you know how much I love that ha. Throw on some high class accessories and wham bam thank you mam, you've got yourself a killer outfit. Dorothy Perkins are seriously hooking me up right now and I literally cannot wait for they autumn collection to launch. I read through their lookbook the other day and the stuff they've got coming is bomb! Watch this space. 

Also, a quick apologies for the overkill of photos on here. Working with Buchardtlens is such fun and he takes such good shots, it hard to to whittle down favourites! Oh well, no one really believes in less is more anyway! It's my birthday so I say more is more!! Have a good one guys and thanks for all the birthday love on social media, to those that follow. As usual, more on Monday xo



Dorothy Perkins Dress

Mango Shirt

Zara Heels


Topman Sunglasses


*Title from "Touch the Sky" by Kanye West