Cheia De Graça

Adidas Tracksuit

Who else has been getting into the Olympics recently? Well if I'm honest, I'm mostly into the athletics and when I say athletics I mean Usain Bolt haha. No but seriously, I have been watching some of it and it's very inspirational. It's making me want to get back into sports! I used to play Netball at university and I really do miss playing competitively. How amazing would it be to compete in Rio right now? I've always wanted to visit and people say I look Brazilian so I think I'd fit right in ha. I saw Kenza went to Rio the other day with Adidas and I was so jealous that I decided to kit myself in Adidas, hoping they'd cart me off too. I've been waiting by the phone for their call...any day now guys! 

Well I can't be too jealous as I am actually in Malaga right now! Woop! I'm visiting a friend for a few days and I'm so excited to be by the beach again and eat so much TAPAS!! It's way too hot for an outfit like this in Spain right now (I'm basically just about in clothes right now) but this is such an easy outfit to travel in. That's actually where I initially got inspiration for this outfit from. On my way back from Ibiza last month, there was a girl checking in behind us wearing something similar and the moment I got home I had to order this tracksuit. It's the perfect way to be comfortable but still appear styled. You know I'm all about that easy fashion haha. Right, time to get back to my holiday. I'll share some pictures on Monday. Adios mi amores xo



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*Title from "A Garota de Ipanema"