Postcards From | Malaga 2016

So I'm now back from Malaga and oh my golly was it hot hot hot!! That's what I call August, London you need to get it together! Anyway, back to my holiday. I travelled out to Malaga for 3 days last week to visit my best friend and her family and we had the most fun/jam packed time ever. I didn't bring my camera with me cos it's too bulky to carry for such a short trip away and I was no mood to carry so much equipment around in that heat but my phone worked just fine and here's a selection of shots from my quick trip away. 

So what did we get up to?

La Feria

The moment I landed, we went straight from the airport to Malaga centre in order to join in with the celebrations of the Malaga Festival. We watched flamenco shows, witnessed local music performances and danced in reggaeton club tents, drinking cervezas and donning fans and flowers to get into the feria spirit. Once the weather started to cool in the evening, we stopped by the beach for some more beers and some late night swimming. It's amazing that it was still bright and hot enough at 10pm to go swimming in the sea! 

El Toreo

The next day we spent mostly tanning on the beach before getting ready to go to a bull fight! Wow, it was intense!! I had never been before and have always wanted to go. People have such strong opinions about bull fighting and I thought it important to see one before I can judge it properly. I loved the music, the atmosphere, the showmanship and the outfits. It is a truly beautiful spectacle to watch. However, the more I watched, the more I was horrified for the bulls. I felt so sad at the way they died and found myself tearing up several times throughout the night. I was almost rooting for the bull to get one back (one bull did actually get a man and he needed medical attention afterwards but luckily he was ok in the end). While I understand that it is a big part of Spanish culture and tradition, traditions can always be changed. I don't think bull fighting has a place in the modern world any longer but that's my personal opinion. Afterwards, we finished the night back at the beach for barbecued sardines and beers.

La Playa

Final day was spent at the beach with more friends, drinking vino tinto, eating fried fish and lots of ice cream. Oh I forgot we also had churros and horchata (Spanish delicacies, you NEED to try them). I'm such a foodie so I lost the plot in Spain cos everything is just delicious! I generally love the Spanish way, it's so laid back and people seem so full of life. We all had so much fun in the sun out there, even if it was 40 degrees and crazy humid. I'd definitely recommend Malaga to anyone seeking real Spanish culture, away from tourists and with lots of "off the beaten track" things to see. I can't wait to go back soon :) .