Postcards From | Ibiza 2016

I'm finally sharing my photos from Ibiza and giving you guys the scoop on our recent trip to one of my favourite islands. I'm gonna try and cram our 3 day holiday into one post so brace yourself, it's gonna be a long one but totally worth it as I have plenty of recommendations to share. 

So let's start at the beginning. Remi and I decided to go on an impromptu holiday away and after a few days deliberation we booked a quick getaway to Ibiza 2 days before we were due to leave. Spontaneous or what?! I barely had time to schedule in a wax before I was on the plane at a godforsaken hour in the morning heading to the magical island of Eivissa. I have to say though, while those 6 am flights are killer, it does work our rather well. You simply sleep on the plane and without knowing any different, wake up in paradise. 



Carelle - Ibiza 2016

The moment we got off the plane, I noticed two things: one, it was incredibly hot in Ibiza and I was still dressed for British summer (jeans and a jumper!) and two, about half of our friends were in Ibiza at the same time as us. We bumped into old friends at the airport, at our hotel, in was like a twilight zone. Ibiza is clearly the place to be this summer. 

Anyway, off to the hotel we popped and we were pleasantly surprised by the prettiest and most laid back vibe I've ever experienced in a hotel. Located in Santa Eularia and with a mostly white decor (a blogger's heaven), Sol Beach House feels like a very chilled and sauve adult club, somewhere that allows entrance by invite only. But far from the high and mighty attitude that comes with exclusivity, the staff were friendly and we even got upgraded during a very smooth check in process. Win! Also, the lobby smelled like a rose garden, I could have happily nestled up in one of the reception's armchairs and drifted off to that sweet smell, something Remi actually did one evening. Also, while we were worried about overspending at the hotel, knowing how extortionate hotel prices can be, we found the sale within the hotel to be shockingly reasonable. What can I say, we really hit the jackpot here! 

Right, after I'd taken way too many photos of my very photogenic environment, it was tanning time! Remi and I hopped on a sharing bed lounger, ordered lunch and napped the afternoon away. We woke up for catch up drinks with friends by the pool and a quick wander around the hotel surroundings, before getting ready for dinner. For that, we ventured into Ibiza town and had the yummiest Spanish tapas from a little place called La Bodega. I actually wanted to try this out during my last visit to Ibiza but unfortunately it was closed. I'm very happy I got to try it with Remi though and we can both vouch that the food is good. Seven tapas dishes and sangria for two, all for 50 euros = great date night! Only downer is that because it gets super busy, the service can be a little slow. But you're on holiday, what's the rush anyway? 


Sol Beach House

La Bodega



Carelle - Ibiza 2016

Even though we got to bed quite late the night before, after exploring Ibiza Town in the early hours of the morning, we did not want to waste any time snoozing in bed so were up bright and early for a morning yoga session by the sea, followed by a couple's massage. Now that's what a good holiday is all about, unwinding and relaxing. With such a short trip away, I was not that interested in partying but rather some much needed R&R. 

After all that pampering, we were ready to venture further afield and took a rather overpriced taxi ride (taxis in Ibiza are crazy expensive - whats that about eh?!) to Las Salinas beach where we hired sun loungers at Malibu Beach Club, ate paella by the sea, drunk one too many coronas and watched the clouds float by. Las Salinas is quite the tourist hotspot so expect high prices but the life on this stretch of sand is infectious. People selling every fruit and sarong you could imagine, party promoters trying to lure customers out to their local rave spots and happy people wading in and out the shallow waters; I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the hustle and bustle of this particular Ibiza beach. 

Once the sun was setting and the temperature cooled (it was scorching that day!), we headed back to the hotel to prep for a dinner double date with friends. Again, we were drawn back to Ibiza town (it was only 15 minutes away, can you blame us?) and after wandering around for a bit, settled on a french restaurant called 105 by Cantine, a posh dinner spot by the marina with views of sinfully lavish private yachts. Food turned into wine, wine turned into more wine, and more wine turned into vodka drinks at Heart Club. I enjoyed the live band but once the one-beat house music came on and we were witnesses to a rather random H&MxBalmain fashion show, I was ready to bounce. To be fair, we were still out quite late, heading home at around 3am, which is a pretty standard time for the end of a good night in London. However, in Ibiza, while clubs open from 11pm, they really only get going from around 2am and shut around 6am. That's deep! I can't listen to that kind of house for long so I tapped out. However, I've heard that not all clubs in Ibiza play only house and apparently the original Ibiza club, Space is a great night out. I'd like to try that the next time I visit, especially as it's supposed to be closing soon after 27 years open on the island :O


Las Salinas Beach

Malibu Beach Club

105 by La Cantine




Carelle - Ibiza 2016

We finally were able to have a little bit of a lie in this morning but not too long before our tummies started rumbling, a good reminder that it was breakfast time. After our lazy morning together, we set off again to meet another group of friends for lunch at one of my favourite spots on the island, Cotton Beach Club. I was just floored when I got there. Situated on the edge of Cala Tarida and overlooking the glittering spectacle of sea and sand, this restaurant is the ideal place to sip wine and mange face! Just look at these views!

I had been craving sushi all weekend and finally got my fix here, as well as a tuna tartare and one too many glasses of much too drinkable rosé. Plus, it was not as expensive as I expected so left a very happy bunny. 

We then headed back to our hotel for a little snooze by the pool, rocked to sleep inside a hammock, before having our last meal on the island and heading to the airport for a very late flight home. Ibiza was magical and it was so nice to show Remi the beauty of the island for the first time. There is so much more to the island than partying and it's great we got to explore it together.

There is still so much more to see and do on the island, something I'm keeping tabs for the next time I go back (and I WILL be going back, believe me). Three days was short but we had a fab holiday. My only regret was that we didn't have enough time to take a boat ride over to Formentera. But that's just another excuse to go back soon right ;)


Cotton Beach Club

Cala Tarida