Such A Shady Girl

Lavish Alice

TGIF and I have never meant it more. This week should have only been 4 days but for some reason it felt way longer. With massive highs and lows, it has been rather dramatic and I'm glad to see the back of it now. But I have to pat myself on the back for planning my first blogger event this week, which went so well and also managing to function somewhat reasonably on very little sleep. I'm thoroughly pooped!! I don't even want to do anything this weekend, I'm so tired. It's taken the last plug of energy from me to do this blogpost. Oh I'm gonna hit my bed so hard this weekend, it's not even gonna know what's coming!!

But before I clock out of life for the next two days, I wanted to share my new favourite piece from Lavish Alice that's got me so excited for fall fashion right now. Yes people, I'm back to a mostly black, white and grey palette for the darker days. That brief stint on colour of my blog is gone and it's time to get ready for cosy, tonal outfits. Even though I love summer, I am kind of looking forward to A/W fashion and I'm already prepping outfits, as you can see here. Also this grey look perfectly reflects both the current weather and my mood today (fashionably fucked off ha).  

Anyway that's it for today. In the wise words of Mr Kanye West, no one ask me for anything till Monday haha. Speak soon sweets xo



Lavish Alice Top

Topshop Skirt (similar)

River Island Shoes

Celine Bag

ASOS Sunglasess


*Title from "Shady Girl" by Jagged Edge