Berners Tavern || The London Edition

Berners Tavern

Glamorous, Elegant, Decadent


I first visited the London Edition on a fourth date with my now boyfriend. He took me to an underground party in their basement and for some late night cocktails at their bar. A rather impressive date, I must say, and probably what secured him as a real potential for a boyfriend at that point (I'm joking, kinda!).

Since then I've been enchanted by the hotel and determined to visit whenever I could. Funnily enough, I had never actually eaten within Berners Tavern before. I'd been there for said date, meet and greets and product launches but have never sat down and eaten actual food. 

So after one of those days that kicks you really quite hard in the balls, my mother (who is visiting briefly), my Twin (aka brother's girlfriend) and I decided to dine here for a very special treat. And visiting a venue with such lavishly old school decor, I dressed up like I'd stepped out of an Audrey Hepburn movie, whispering to myself "act like you belong" haha. 

However, the graceful air I was trying to uphold was soon shattered once I brought out my huge camera, snapping photos of just about everything, like a blogger possessed. But you can't blame me when the setting looks like a piece of art (literally!)...

Mother wasn't as dazzled by our surroundings as I was. What truly impresses an African woman is not the venue but the food. So let's bring 'em out. 

To start, the two of us shared a chicken liver parfait, from their special's menu. 

We cleaned up with this one and such behaviour from a liver expert like my mother means it was gooooood!

Next, the mains. Mac and cheese with Oxtail for me (heaven!), risotto with cod for mother dearest and fillet steak with chips for Twin. 

Feeling hungry now? Well I was starving at this point and being the greedy foodie I am, I happily tucked into my dining companions meals too. This may have been without permission but it was for research purposes after all ;).

The final verdict: a deliciously decadent meal! The steak was tender, the risotto creamy and the oxtail divinely soft. But I've chosen decadent as a description purposely because everything was very rich, which is ultimately great for a meal out (and certainly compliments the setting) but being greedy and munching the best part of all three meals made me feel a bit queasy. Note to self, control your long throat (the Nigerian way of saying my eyes are waaaay to big for my stomach). 

All in all, we had a grand time here. The music perfectly mirrored the classic, old Hollywood, razzle-dazzle of the venue (who doesn't love Johnny Cash) and the waiters were extremely friendly and accommodating to our ever so picky demands (no salt, no butter, limited cream ... who do we think we are?). It definitely cheered me up after a particularly tough few days and was the perfect place to spend quality time with my mama (I miss her so much when we're not together).

I must go back and try their breakfast menu soon. As I said before, purely for research purposes ;) xo