Breakfast In Bed || London Hilton On Park Lane

London Hilton Park Lane

Those of you that follow me on social media might have noticed on my Snapchat (@stellav2k) or on my Instastories (@carellestyle) that I visited the London Hilton on Park Lane last week and happily munched my troubles away on the 25th floor of a rather spectacular hotel. I've had so many questions asking me what that was about and as luck would have it, I've written a little blogpost dealing with all your queries ;)

So things had rather gotten on top of me over the last 2 weeks but the answer to all my prayers came in the form of Mama Carelle. My mother happened to be in town during a particularly rough week for me and was simply the best person at cheering me up! We spent so much time together lunching, brunching, cooking (all very food related it seems - we are Nigerian after all!), crying and laughing. The finest medicine only a mother can provide. 

And on one of those wonderful days together, my mama bear decided we should have breakfast in bed in a swanky hotel on Park Lane. She's just the best! 

So this wasn't an invitation neither is it an advert. We simply spent some girly time together in a posh venue, one that we've stayed at countless times before in previous years so we knew it would be good. I've spent Christmases at this hotel in the past, family holidays, weekend breaks, etc.. You name it, we've spent it here! I even have a picture at the Hilton from back when I was 2/3 (locked away in a vault so no one can see the monobrow I was rocking back then ha!). 

Why do we love it so? Well it's super clean, the food is damn good (the pancakes are a personal favourite of mine but also try the risotto, it's divine!) and with views overlooking Hyde Park, the location is topnotch. Being a stone's throw away from Oxford Street, it's the perfect spot for any shopaholic like my mother.  

Overall, I've always loved staying here and it comes highly recommended from the Carelle family! Be ready to dig into your pockets a bit (or a lot if you're like me) but sometimes the finer things in life are worth a little extra dosh. And hey, you might come across a good deal on Expedia if you're lucky. Mama Carelle, the ultimate bargain hunter/price negotiator, has bagged many a too-good-to-be-true sale before, so it does happens! 

Check out the London Hilton on Park Lane here! xo