London Fashion Week || SS17

London Fashion Week SS17

Now that the dust has settled and the madness has calmed, it's time to throwback to the most stylish week of the year: London Fashion Week SS17! Yeh baby! Long story short, the weather was gloomy, the queues were loooong while the shows were short, the FROW shade was deep and the fashion was fabulous! Standard really.

So this was the first year that I actually made the effort to attend Fashion Week shows and immerse myself a bit more into the whole LFW experience. I mean, I only attended two days but that was more than enough. How people do a whole fashion month is beyond me! It's fun but oh so tiring!

Anyway, here is the scoop on the shows/presentations/events I went to, the outfits I wore and the bloggers I hung out with. 


Sunday: Malone Souliers & The Bloggers Programme

So in truth, my LFW started on Thursday evening where I attended two events: a Folli Follie presentation held by Sabrina Chakici from Clutch and Carry and a Malin + Goetz perfume launch. I don't actually have any photos from those two events but if you follow me on Snapchat or Instastories, you'll have seen me act a fool at both events ha. 

Anyway, Sunday was my first official day of LFW and I just wanted to gently ease into it. I brought my best friend, Carla, along for the ride and being the major foodies that we are, our day started with brunch at Dishoom. Fashion people don't eat and I'm an eater so it was imperative I stocked up before any shows (someone hand out some canapés or something, c'mon!). Thank goodness I was wearing dungarees to hide the food baby I was harbouring after all the Biryani I ate lol!

Once we were happily stuffed, we dropped by the Malone Souliers presentation in Soho, where I forced Carla to partake in their catwalk. The deal was to walk along the runaway wearing their shoes and the best walk won 10 pairs from their new collection. Carla has long legs so there was no choice, she was gonna have to win us those shoes dammit!!! She definitely worked it though so I'm feeling confident. You go girl!

Next, we dropped by the Bloggers Programme hangout spot and got to network with some brands and of course, many a blogger. I ran into Akua from Kuiya's Kloset (pictured below) and also got to meet Banké from A Style Diary. Both lovely ladies so it was great to get to know them a little better in such a chilled environment.

By the end of the day, I couldn't get home faster. Hey, networking is hard! All that smiling and nodding and self-promotion really takes it out of a girl! Plus I was baking under that jacket man! I needed a shower asap cos London is really not cold enough to bust out the fur yet (to be fair, I only bring it out during fashion week anyway lol ... it's simply too pretty to wear any other time!). 



Versace Jacket

H&M Dungarees

GAP Shirt

Dorothy Perkins Boots  

Style By Portobello Scarf

Chanel Bag


Tuesday: The Final Day

The final day was manic! I had only planned to attend one show in the afternoon with my girl, Eunice from Fashionenth but somehow Eunice convinced me to tag along with her to 3 more shows! My feet were seriously on fire by the end of the day, wow oh wow! But we had so much fun and it really was rather inspiring to see all the different shows.

They are as follows: N&S Gaia, Fun Affair, Sid Neigum and David Farrier. Fun Affair was a definite favourite for me, followed closely by Sid Neigum, mostly because I could certainly see myself wearing most of their collection (hint hint to their Pr teams lol). However, all the collections were hugely inspirational and it's always great to support the work of up and coming designers. I can only imagine the amount of hard work and stress that goes into putting on a show for LFW so well done to all! 

In between the shows was were the real madness happened. We were running around trying to charge phones in all accepting coffee shops while I was busy searching for sustenance in any form of a snack, clicking and clacking in our heels all over Soho and walking about in stripy socks whenever we had a break (how fashionable eh?)! 

But good news, we did manage to bump into other blogger friends, e.g. Abisola from Yours Truly Abisola (pictured above) and get swarmed by paparazzi around Brewer Street car park. All the flashing lights man; I now understand why celebs wear sunglasses so much, it's not easy trying to blink through those camera flashes.

By 6.30pm I was ready for pjs, a Nandos and my sofa! Fashion Week is super tiring and I only really did 2 days ha! I had so much fun but am pleased that things can calm down a tad now. Till next season, LFW! xo



H&M Dress

H&M Boots (similar)

Chanel Bag