Throwback: London Fashion Week Streetstyle

London Fashion Week Streetsyle

Time for some throwback love today. I know I've already covered London Fashion Week but when I came across these pictures of Eunice and I, I couldn't NOT share them! Not to brag but c'mon, these look like proper fashion week photos. Like the kind of ones featured in a magazine's best dressed list with a caption "Nigerian babes". Ha, I love it! But who am I texting so avidly? Nah, I'm just posing ;) It's a good technique/prop for when you're feeling uncomfortable or unsure how to pose lol.  

Thanks to Moeez Ali from The Comb for photographing us. If you guys haven't heard of them and their app yet, then definitely check it out! It's sounds very helpful for us bloggers. For those interested, the link to my dress is here. I can't find it on the UK site but I assure you it's in stores atm, I'm living proof of that! As always, more tomorrow. Bisous xo