Baby O Pullover

Nigerian Dashiki

An easy way to mix African & Western fashion 


When I was a teenager, my brother always encouraged me to mix African and Western fashion together. He'd try and coerce me into it by saying things like it's really cool and quirky, when I was like "nah mate, I'm sticking with Topshop thanks". As I've gotten older, however, I've come to appreciate my culture so much more, stopped following what others are doing as much and started carving out my own fashion rules. It's taken 10 years but I’m finally listening to you big bro ;).

Whenever I go back to Nigeria now, I love getting clothes tailored to my specifications and wearing them however I like. African fashion is about standing out rather than blending in, something I'm increasingly embracing as I grow older and wiser(ish). There's too much emphasis on everyone trying to look and be like one another, I think it's so much more interesting when we showcase our differences in all manner of ways. 

So with today’s look, I've gone for a Nigerian tomboy meets a New Yorker hipster vibe. Did you get all that lol? I’ve said a million times already and I’ll say it again: I love wearing menswear! Sometimes I think guys have better clothing than us girls and this kaftan top is just the perfect unisex look. There's a million and one other ways to wear it: with blue jeans, leggings, leather skirt, ankle boots, knee high boots, trainers, heels...and on and on. Seriously, it's the easiest thing to throw on and look styled. Plus it's super comfy and because it's oversized, it's great at hiding my jollof rice and plantain belly. Now I know why all the Naija uncles love wearing it so much haha. 

So what's your take on mixing African & Western fashions? Are you into it or not really up for the mix and match game?



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*Title from "Pullover" by KCee ft Wizkid